(Holy Spirit’s Online Library System)

Over the last several months, we have been actively cataloging our library’s inventory into a digital
system (Libib). This new structure not only provides our parish with a modern library network, but it also
grants an easy-to-use format with tremendous flexibility for our parishioners.
With well over 1,000 library resources in our possession, it can be overwhelming to search manually
through the shelves, but now titles, topics, and categories can be searched through the digital library
system at the click of a button! Best of all, our library assets can be checked out (or held) at any time
through the website – even when the parish office is closed.

We ask all parishioners to establish a “Patron” account with our library. To do so, simply provide the
following information to or see Becky Messimer during office hours:

– First & Last name
– Email address
– Phone Number

Once your Patron account has been entered into the system, you can use the library at your leisure! Our
unique published library can be found at:

Once you have created your account, you can login to the library and sign in using your email address and the temporary password given to you via email. 

Please return your library books, once you are finished, to the office window during office hours or in the basket in the library.

A special thanks to all who have donated books over the years. We would not have the robust collection
of materials we do had it not been for your generosity.


Library documents and “how to” information:

Online Library Patron Request