Holy Matrimony

MARRIAGE FORM: Please complete this brief online form if you wish to marry. Once we receive your information, we will contact you.

It can be both exciting and overwhelming to prepare for a Marriage. This information is meant to relieve some stress by clearly stating the procedure and formation required for a Catholic wedding.

Marriage is a tremendous and beautiful commitment, and we want to help you take the commitment seriously. We also want for you to grow in your spiritual life and be as informed as possible about your nuptial vows when you take them. Whether you are planning to get married at our church or somewhere else, we will be praying for you as you make this journey.

At Holy Spirit, we follow the marriage formation suggested by the Harrisburg Diocese. Please contact our parish office at 717-838-3369 or church@hspalmyra.com to tell us that you would like to be prepared for marriage or to check our parish calendar for available wedding dates. We can reserve your date on our calendar once you are formally engaged and have contacted our office to let them know that you have scheduled the initial discussion with Fr. Anthony or another member of the clergy. Below is the general process for marriage formation for a Catholic Wedding.

  1. Canonical Process — Initial discussion with Father Anthony. In this meeting, we will talk about marriage in the Catholic Church and begin prenuptial paperwork. If you would like to have another member of the clergy witness your vows or prepare you paperwork, your first meeting can be with him.
  2. Pre-marital Inventory — (Foccus): This is an online survey taken by both fiancés. Its primary purpose is to allow the couple to discern and discuss backgrounds, hopes, concerns, and dreams about their upcoming marriage. The results of this survey will not affect whether you can get married in the church.
  3. Formation/Conference — (2 choices which have various costs associated with them) Meet at least four times with a mentor couple from our parish and go to a half-day seminar: God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage, which consists of presentations on: God’s Plan for Marriage; the Basics of Marriage in the Church; Marital Sexuality; and Natural Family Planning.

OR b. Attend Engaged Encounter, a weekend program that focuses on marital skills like communication, happiness, and forgiveness, as well as Church teachings on marriage as a sacrament and a vocation, and sexual intimacy within marriage.

  1. Concluding assessment – A meeting with Fr. Anthony or another member of the clergy for a final discussion and ceremony planning.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (if applicable): A baptismal and confirmation record issued within the last nine months for both parties (this can be obtained by calling the church of baptism). A marriage certificate, from the state, which will be valid for the actual wedding day. You may need addition paperwork depending on your details.


Dates and Times – Weddings can be scheduled most days of the week but cannot interfere with regularly scheduled Confessions or Masses. If you want us to setup anything for you, please fill out a Facilities Use Request form, which is found on our website.

Flowers and Decorations – You may bring your own or contract with any florist. Any candles must be pre-approved by a representative of the parish. You are asked to have a clean-up plan which is approved by a representative of the parish, if this plan includes donating altar flowers to the church, we will gladly accept them.

Music – Arrangements will be made through our parish choir director, Rich Druby. His information will be provided during your formation process.

Rehearsal – Typically held the night before the wedding and includes parents, witnesses, lectors, and anyone else participating in the liturgy.

Confession – For Catholics, whether at Holy Spirit or another church, this sacrament is recommended as part of your preparation for marriage.

Costs: As a Catholic, a sacrament cannot be refused due to cost. Cost can be supplemented for any parishioner. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Organist – $150
  • Cantor – $75
  • Sacristan – $25
  • Altar Servers – $10/each
  • Church Space – Parishioners: no mandatory fee / Others: $350

For information on 2023 dates for marriage prep and a checklist of how to do marriage prep for the Diocese of Harrisburg, please select the brochures listed below.

Marriage Preparation: God’s Plan for Love

Marriage Preparation: Engaged Encounter

MASS READINGS: Visit https://www.foryourmarriage.org/readings/ to view nuptial Mass Readings for your wedding.