Migrant Justice

A new Social Justice Ministry group has launched that will focus on the needs of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers and how we can all help advocate for and serve these families. The group will develop ways to assist in advocating for this often-forgotten group, educating others about the issues surrounding immigration, organizing service projects, partnering with other like-minded groups, and more.

A Migrant Justice group at Holy Spirit can have a direct effect with concrete ways to help these families in need of safety and a new home. We can look forward to helping those still making the hard decision to leave their homelands as well as those who have already made their way to our local communities. Contact Lisa Neuhauser at migrantjustice@hspalmyra.com.

Our mission is to serve and advocate for those forced to flee their homelands, whether termed “refugee,” “immigrant,” “migrant,” or “asylum seeker” trying to make a safe, productive life in our country. As children of Christ and in line with our Catholic Social Teachings, we strive to …

  • Raise Awareness in our parish and community and grow those committed to serving this population through parish social media, bulletin inserts, narthex information and more.
  • Provide Educational Resources to learn more about the humanitarian crisis at our border by sharing pertinent websites, articles, event notifications, and hosting informative events.
  • Provide Service Opportunities Organize service projects that address needs of both border and local immigrant families, raise funds to support ongoing supplies at the border such as water, food, & (baby) items distributed by identified groups.
  • Plant Seeds of service and commitment especially in our parish youth by working with PREP to provide hygiene kits, letters to children, books, and Rosaries. In addition, develop ways to sponsor learning trips to the border for interested older youth.
  • Be Grounded in a spiritual journey and prayerful guidance in our work.
  • See Ourselves as migrants and refugees – just as our Lord, Jesus and the Holy Family found themselves.

2023 Ministry Meeting Dates (7pm):
8/8 and 8/22
9/5 and 9/19
10/3 and 10/17
11/14 and 11/28

2023 Ministry Events & Projects



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