Social Justice

The social justice ministry, Living Our Faith, is based on the Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. These are: life and dignity of the human person; call to family, community and participation; rights and responsibilities; option for the poor and vulnerable; the dignity of work and the rights of workers; solidarity and care for God’s creation. We believe in the dignity and worth of every person and work to address the needs of those who are most vulnerable and have the least voice in our society/community.

Our mission is to bring awareness and educate our community on existing injustices, to bring about change, and to serve others less fortunate. We do this through education programs, bulletin blurbs, direct service, advocacy, charitable works, and donations. We meet on an as-needed basis. The ministry welcomes new members and volunteers for special projects. For more information, please contact Doris Witmer at 717-838 4319.