Ministry Booklet

A message from Father Anthony:

Christianity can be more fun and authentic when it’s social. This book is designed to let people know about different clubs, small groups, and social organizations that exist officially at Holy Spirit Parish. Whether you are looking for a way to help others, help the parish, or simply to meet others, on these groups may be able to make you feel more at home and comfortable at our church and can push you to further live out your Christian vocation to love God and neighbor.

I am very proud of the number of parishioners at Holy Spirit that take the social aspect of their faith seriously through commitment to one of these groups. You may also find other unofficial small groups that are not publicized through our parish office, or you may want to start a more private group with your church friends to pray, study, or do works of charity. May this book help you to consider a small group.

Holy Spirit Ministry Booklet_ 2024