Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Thinking of joining the Roman Catholic Church? Great!
Is it a little overwhelming?
Where do you begin?
Well, you just begin from where you are now!
Many adults entering the Catholic Church, or those just thinking about it, follow a process known as the RCIA — the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

If you, a friend, or family member is interested in joining the Catholic Church,
or would like to find out more about Catholic beliefs and practices,
please call the Church office at 838-3369,
or e-mail church@holyspiritpalmyra.com

Download RCIA flyer


Wed 2/06             The Sacrament of Eucharist – Dan Colon

Wed 2 /13            The Sacrament of Eucharist – The Real Presence – Bart Kaminski

Wed 2/20             Lent: History, Meaning, Fasting, Prayers & Alms – Bart Kaminski  

Wed 2/27             Christian Services & Holy Orders – Fr. Anthony

Wed 3/06             ASH WEDNESDAY – MASS @ 6:30pm (Practice for Rite for both)
Christian Marriage:  The Sacrament of Friendship – Jorge Reyes

Sun  3/10             First SUNDAY OF LENT  Parish Rite of Sending at 8:30am Mass for Catechumens & Candidates
                             RITE OF ELECTION AT THE CATHEDRAL at 4:00pm – only for Catechumens