Our Youth Ministries focus on four areas of our children’s lives:
* Growing Spiritually           * Interacting Socially
* Serving the Community         * Continuing Education in the Faith

These experiences encourage our children to feel the presence of God in their daily lives, while enjoying themselves in a healthy atmosphere of Adult Leaders and kids their own age. If you have not encouraged your children to participate in youth activities at Holy Spirit, we ask you to think about it now and plan on their coming to a meeting this month. YOU are the driving force behind your children’s faith; don’t wait for a sacramental year to have them fellowship with their peers and their church.

Junior Youth Ministry  – Grades  1 – 5
The Junior Youth Ministry organizes activities for 1st through 5th grade children to celebrate their Catholic faith. All activities are centered on fun, faith, and friendship.
Contact Ed & Robin Burns through our Parish office at 717-838-3369 or email church@holyspiritpalmyra.com.

Youth Ministry – Grades 6 – 12
Meets Sundays 4-6pm
Contact Ann Donnelly at YM@HolySpiritPalmyra.com

** 6th grade will switch from Junior Youth Ministry to Youth Ministry beginning their second semester of 6th grade

 2019/20 CALENDAR
Events are cancelled until further notice


YOUTH MINISTRY – Grades 6-12
2019-20 CALENDAR
Events are cancelled until further notice

MAY 3             4-6pm at Holy Spirit in Old Church

MAY 9            Gretna Gritty

MAY 10           Mother’s Day – No Youth Ministry

MAY 17           4-6pm @ Holy Spirit in Old Church

MAY 24          Memorial Day Weekend – No Youth Ministry

MAY 31           End of Year Party