Prison Ministry and Criminal Justice Issues –
How You Can Help Make a Difference
Click on the link below to learn more about prison ministry and how you can make a difference. The document is divided into three parts:

Part I       Background on Criminal Justice System and How it Relates to Social

Part II      What can I do to help with Criminal Justice Reform or Prison Ministry

Part III    References/Resources/Contact information for Prison Ministry and Justice Reform

For more information, contact Doris Witmer through our Parish office email at

To learn more about prison ministry, click on the link below.
Prison Ministry doc

VOICES OF HOPE:  is a ministry in Lebanon that serves as a liaison between inmates in the Lebanon County Prison and the community. They are looking for volunteers to go to the prison to visit and listen to inmates. Many of the inmates have no one to talk with, no one to listen to any of their concerns, and no way to contact anyone from the outside. You could be that voice for them. Become a volunteer by going on the PA Prison Society website,, and sign up as a volunteer.